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About Southeast Dealer Services

Since 1997, Southeast Dealer Services has built its reputation on providing excellent and relevant expertise related primarily to the F&I departments in the automotive industry.

We help dealers implement best practices in a rapidly changing environment where compliance has become paramount to how dealers operate their businesses. Our management team has over 100 years of combined automotive experience that our clients have come to rely on for advice on maximizing their profitability in sales, service and F&I.

“It is not what we believe is great customer service that matters, it is what our customers perception of what great customer service is that truly matters.”

SE Dealer Services is celebrating 20 years in the automotive industry. We have formed alliances with the industry’s most respected and financially solid administrators and insurance underwriters. Our partners have the “know-how” and financial strength to adjudicate claims quickly and efficiently while navigating the storms of our industry that have occurred in the past 100 years.

At SE Dealer Services, we aim to deliver excellent customer service to our Dealers and mutual customers. We believe in offering customers products that have tremendous value to protect against the many perils of their car ownership period.

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